mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016


 After years of uncertainties and second thoughts this project is finally started, thanks to a special person who gave me the courage to try again.

TREX and Muscle Sam are probably the most underrated Miciosegone adventure and they deserve a second chance.

I worked for two months on a demo of the prelude of this new game and now the moment of the release is near, we miss only the english translation.

This new game is a reboot of the original game mixed with the universe of the TREX and Muscle Sam comics.

The demo is only a little game of trhee rooms that show the story and the potentiality of the game, some days after the demo release we will launch a Kickstarter project for found the game.

I will explain why we chose to use Kickstarter directly on the project. For now i hope that you will wait impatiently the demo.

I leave you with this comparison between the old and the new TREX and Muscle Sam adventure.

Thanks for the attention.
Pietro Turri