lunedì 22 febbraio 2016

TREX and Muscle SAM: A new Kickstart Playable DEMO

After three months of work, the demo of the new Miciosegone game is finally ready.

In this playable demo, the player can complete the first two rooms of the game where he can see all the main features of the gameplay and all the graphic and technical progress made by the Miciosegone team.

I hope that you can enjoy the demo and have some fun with it.

See you soon for the kickstarter project in the first weeks of March.





domenica 7 febbraio 2016

New Site!

It's time to renovations for Miciosegone Games, with the upcoming project we want to evolve our company in something most professional and concrete.

The Miciosegone site was changed many time in the years, he was very amatorial and confusional; he had: broken links, hidden pages, not working scripts, html errors....
So, on of the priority of this Miciosegone reborn, was to make a site more user friendly, mostly for the mobile devices.

The new site is online from  the last thursday, we hope you enjoy it!

From now on only the most important news will appear in the homepage of the site, the old news archive and the minor updates will be posted on this blog.

 Pietro Turri.