venerdì 15 aprile 2016

Cat's Pow! A new dexterity card game

In “Cat's Pow!” you and your friends are cats and as cats you have paws! The objective of the game is to collect as many toys as possible using your paws, only the fastest cat can win!

The game turn takes place at the same time for all players. At the beginning of every turn the players count to 5 and then try to touch the cards they'd like to get. You have to use all the fingers of both your hands to touch the cards, but you can't use the thumbs. You can, for example, touch a card with 4 fingers and use the others to touch other cards, or you can touch a single card with 8 fingers. Once the players placed their hands on the cards they check what happened. The player with the most fingers (cat's claws) placed on a single card, gains the card and the points written on it.

mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Funding Unsuccessful

A month has passed and sadly the campaign didn't manage to reach its goal. We tried to contact many sites, blogs and youtube channels,  but they almost always refused to devote even the slightest space to this project.
Hundreds of emails and private messages were sent but not even one reporter wanted to support TREX and Muscle Sam, or at least not for free.

Behind the curtain Kickstarter is a different world to what we expected, there are dozens of marketing companies eager to make a profit on small crowdunding campaigns, offering nothing more than non-concrete promises for a considerable fee.
It's apparent that the only way to achieve success with Kickstarter is to pay for ad space or editorials.

The truth is that there are people ready to invest in this project, but without the right contacts is impossible to reach them, and said contacts won't help you without their share.

The project stats talk clear, in a month it was viewed by ~1000 people, 12 of them decided to donate money to the campaign and little over 200€ were collected. The backers/views ratio is good, the real problem is that we reached very few views. That's because who should talk about videogames on the internet only does so if an economic return is involved, unfortunately this project couldn't afford it.

It's very unfortunate that, contrary to what we expected, Kickstarter proved to be a business and not a mean for common people to realize their ideas, like it ought to be.

We hoped until the last some miracle would have happened, or maybe that a small publisher could help us by advertising the project, but that didn't occur.

So it's with this failed project that the Miciosegone Games adventure closes for good, unsatisfised with the products that nowadays are passed off as graphic adventures even though they incarnate nothing of the genre. For years we tried to create games that kept their link to the past while being modern and innovative. Our goal was to make our passion a job that would last for years, unfortunately that wasn't possible.

We want to thank all the people who supported our project: who donated, who shared, who talked about it, even who dedicated some of their time to read about it. Thank you so much for believing in us and this project, your support has been very important and heartwarming to two young dreamers.

To get our news about future projects keep following the Miciosegone site or our Twitter account @MiciosegoneGame, you can also contact us by writing to
Thank you
Pietro and Claudio Turri